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The Importance of Juicing

We all understand that juicing brings a lot of importance not just to give us an ease to take foods but also a peace of mind that we are doing the right thing to foster a healthier body.

In order for us to acquire the optimum benefits of fruits and vegetables for our health, we need to take all of them every day. However, some of us hesitate to do so. Some people don’t have the ability to eat mixed numbers of fruits. The health authority are recommending that we should get at least six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which actually only few of us can do. With this problem, using a commercial juicer can be the best way to guarantee that we are able to reach the target nutrients from fruits and vegetables every day. understands the importance of juicing, so you must also.

Guidelines in Juice Making

When making a juice in a commercial juicer, whether it is for fruits or vegetables, it is important that you need to identify the basic guidelines, especially if you are new to juicing.

  • Use a pesticide-free vegetable or fruit for juicing

It is better to choose organic if possible. But some of the vegetables are loaded with pesticides. Ask if the vegetables are grown organically and if it is not, then buy it.

  • Get ready to juice

If you are certainly new to juicing, the preferred vegetables that you need to juice in a commercial juicer are celery, fennel and cucumbers. If you are already acclimatized to juicing, then you can begin by adding the vegetables like red and green leaf lettuce, lettuce romaine, endive, escarole and spinach. Later, you can also add herbs to juicing, including parsley and cilantro.

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